Medici Bank Announces the Stake and Borrow Pool – Get yield or borrow fiat here.
A Digital Only Philosophy
Instead of spending money on branches, tellers, loan officers, and private bankers trying to sell you something you don't need, we've invested in software.

Easy Payments

Select recipient and send money wire, or instant internal transfer.

Bank Grade Security

All data is SHA-512 encrypted at rest and in transit; 100% hosted behind AWS firewalls.

User Permissions

Manage access, approval rights, and transfer limits at user and account levels.

Multi-Factor Authentification

Smartphone app based multi-factor authentification to log in and transfer.

Multi-Level Approvals

Have up to 4 levels of approval based on custom transfer amounts.

Embeddable Banking

Modern REST/JSON microservices API to plug the bank directly into your systems.

User-friendly Digital Account Opening
Fully online and digital, from your articles of incorporation upload to taking your selfie and photo of your ID, a proprietary application to open an account in just 5 minutes.

No long waits with real-time online banking
Multi-factor authentication; multiple roles & levels of approvals; real-time transfers between accounts and with other clients of the bank; convert to and send funds in over 30 currencies.
Our API embeds into software you already use

Micro-services architected with a modern REST/JSON deployment so you can integrate in hours and get back to the real work of business.

The Medici Bank API allows clients to:

  • Create & manage customers
  • Create & manage customer accounts and balances
  • View all customer account transactions
  • Instantaneously transfer between Medici accounts
  • Get real-time notifications on all activity


Apply for an account in just
4 minutes

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