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Business Direct Deposit Account
Available to businesses in over 180 countries. Pay and get paid in up to 65 currencies at competitive rates via wire, ACH, SEPA and more.
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Business Savings Account
Add to an existing DDA and hold excess cash and earn 0.72% in interest. Instantly sweep funds from your DDA to your savings and back 24/7/365.
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Business CD Account
Invest excess cash wealth in a Business Certificate of Deposit (CD) account ranging from 6 months to 1 year and earning up to 6.18% in interest.
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Business Custody Account
The Business Custody Accounts (DCA) are for entities looking to hold US treasuries, FDIC-insured balances up to $2.75M, or other securities in an investment portfolio in custody with a fiduciary that will follow instructions rather than pitch investment ideas.
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* Medici Bank is neither a broker nor a financial advisor and does not provide any advice regarding financial investments.
Pricing that is
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and transparent
Account Opening
Intrabank Transfers
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Initial Deposit
As low as
Monthly Fees

* Fee may be applied to some international business accounts

** Depending on the type of account

† Monthly Fees can be waived by maintaining minimum daily balances that vary by account

These fees are for basic bank accounts and do not apply to Custodial accounts

More information on pricing can be found here.

A suite of options to meet your needs.

6-month 12-month 18-month 24-month 36-month
$50k min $50k min $50k min $50k min $50k min
1.50% APY 2.00% APY 2.25% APY 2.00% APY 1.75% APY
Rates as of May 14, 2021


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