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Medici Bank Selects Convera for Cross-Border Payments
Oct 6th, 2023 - Medici Bank has selected Convera, a leader in global payments and foreign currency management to power cross-border deposits, conversions, and payments. With this collaboration, Medici is able to extend banking services to accept and convert 65 foreign currencies, empowering our clients to transact globally without the constraints of currency barriers.

To start, Medici will allow deposits in up to 65 currencies, automatically converted to US dollar. Subsequently, Medici will add the ability of clients to select which (and the amount of) foreign currency to pay (funded by US dollars). Last, Medici will enable multi-currency accounts, where clients will be able to, receive, hold, and pay in up to five different currencies at Medici Bank, thus avoiding the need to convert into and out of the US dollar.
Medici Bank Unveils Modern REST/JSON API for Embedded Banking
May 1st, 2023 - Medici Bank has launched its modern REST/JSON API for business accounts, a feature designed to streamline banking operations and integration capabilities for businesses of all sizes. This update provides developers with the tools to customize banking services, automate workflows, and seamlessly integrate banking operations into their existing systems, ushering in a new era of embedded and efficient business banking.

Medici Bank Launches Tokenized Accounts to Increase Security
Mar 6th, 2023 - To increase privacy and account security, Medici Bank has built, tested, and now launched, the tokenization of account numbers (TANs). By creating TANs, Medici clients can share their TAN without sharing their actual account number, reducing the risk of the account being compromised. Medici Bank’s TANs are persistent alphanumeric token numbers to be shared publicly and can be changed by request of the client. In the future, Medici plans to issue dynamic TANs which change on a regular, if randomized, basis.

Medici Bank Goes Global: Multilingual Banking Site Now in Five Languages
Jan 6th, 2023 - Despite the fact that 75% of internet uses due not speak English as their primary language, Research Gate indicates that 98% of web sites are monolingual in English speaking nations and even 80% are mono-lingual to English outside of English-speaking nations. While internet users may be used to dealing with English online, it doesn’t mean it is not an inconvenience. And, when it comes to money, it could be dangerous to be doing banking in a second or third language.

So, to further support its ability to bank clients from around the world, Medici Bank has implemented multi-lingual functionality of its corporate and digital banking web sites-each is now available in five languages. Any visitor can select from English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Portugues, and Hindi from a drop-down menu pinned to the site header.

This expansion aims to bridge language barriers, ensuring that our diverse global clientele can access our banking services comfortably in their preferred language. With this update, we’re not just speaking your language; we’re listening too.

US based clients, click here.

International clients, click here.

Crypto clients, click here.

Medici Bank Releases Onus Core Banking System
Oct 6th, 2022 - After years of dealing with the restrictions of a third party core banking system, Medici Bank has launched Onus, its custom-built custom core banking system. Engineered from the ground up with security, scalability, and flexibility in mind, Onus represents the responsibility Medici has to its clients-now with the onus of having everything running “on us”.

Unlike most 3 rdparty core banking systems, the Onus platform is:

- Cloud native (hosted at AWS)

- Real-time (rather than overnigh batch updated)

- Elastic (servers scale up/down based on capacity utilization)

- Flexible, as products can be added & configured in minutes, not days or weeks

- Available and unique, as Medici no longer competes with other clients waiting for (and paying for) enhancements that take months to produce (and instantlly become available to all other clients on that platform).

In the future, Medici plans to add blockchain, serverless, and trustless architecture components to the platform, further distancing Medici from the pack of banks running on decades-old commodity infrastructure platforms like those from FIS, Fiserv, and Jack Henry.

Medici Bank Selects Coinfirm for Digital Asset Risk Management
May 2nd, 2022 - Medici Bank announces our partnership with Coinfirm, a global leader in blockchain analytics and digital asset wallet analysis. This collaboration will enable Medici to mitigate money laundering risk associated with digital assets which may be used as collateral against loans that the bank plans to offer in the future.

Given the issues now facing the digital assets market, Medici plans to run alpha and beta tests of the platform for at least one full year before going to launch.

Medici Bank Joins Forces with Unit21 to Enhance Transaction Monitoring
May 6th, 2021 - In our continuous effort to ensure the security and integrity of our clients’ transactions, Medici Bank has partnered with Unit21, a leader in advanced transaction monitoring solutions. This collaboration will enable Medici to provide robust safeguards against fraud and financial crime, ensuring a safer banking environment for all our clients.

Trust Medici Bank and Unit21 to watch over your transactions, so you can bank with peace of mind.

Medici Bank Expands Its Suite with Business Custodial Accounts
Feb 5th, 2021 - Medici Bank is proud to announce the addition of Business Custodial Accounts to our array of financial services. Designed to meet the needs of businesses looking for secure asset management, these accounts offer security and flexibility for your company’s valuable assets. With Medici Bank’s Business Custodial Accounts, client assets are held in fiduciary trust, off-balance sheet and outside of the bank’s treasury operations.