A New Renaissance Begins
Join the future of banking
Some of the greatest breakthroughs in banking were pioneered by the original Medici Bank--Banco dei Medici--based in Florence, Italy in the 1400s. Innovations such as branch banking, the check, the letter of credit, and the use of double-entry accounting.

Over the centuries since, we've not come much further. Banks have largely institutionalized ways to gather cheap money (in the form of deposits) and push largely commoditized products in the never ending pursuit of shareholders returns.

And so, we step (back) into this breach in the hopes of pulling banking out of history and into the future, recognizing that the future of banks may be to become invisible, may be to become smaller and less centralized.

Medici Bank International is a licensed US bank focused on the needs of digital centric companies that do business on an international basis. We work with established partners to ensure secure, compliant banking yet take an agile, lean-startup approach to our development. We will launch the bank by end of year 2019 and look forward to serving those not extremely pleased with the banking they get today.

Community Designed
A first principles driven, user-centered design approach to create less obtrusive, more convenient, often invisible experiences. It's not about selling bank products, it's about providing what is needed to solve for pain-points of customers, not shareholders.
Cloud Central
API-first and cloud-native across an ecosystem of best of breed external and custom developed applications. Digital native, there are no paper processes nor brick'n'mortar branches. If we cannot do it digitally, we just won't do it. The only legacy is our family name.
Ever Evolving
We seek to push the envelope on AI, robotic process automation, blockchain and other burgeoning technologies to simplify workflow and UX, to expedite processing, and to increase transparency and security to better serve customers.
Prince Lorenzo de' Medici
Direct descendant of the legendary de Medici family of Italy, who pioneered commercial banking and whose philanthropy financed much of the European Renaissance. Prince Lorenzo de' Medici is expert in wealth management, family office investing and alternative investments. He founded Medici Bank to focus banking back to innovation and customer orientation.

Mr. de' Medici has a BS from Salerno University, an MA from Nottingham Trent University an MBA from Bologna University.

Edward Boyle
A payments and digital banking expert, Mr. Boyle has over 15 years experience in varied product and marketing roles at American Express. And, with two years as a Managing Director of Fidor Bank (Germany), Boyle brings a deep customer orientation and knowledge of banking technology and partnership development to create more open and efficient solutions.

Mr. Boyle has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from New York University Stern School of Business.

We're building Medici Bank right now and expect to test with a select few high-tech, international businesses and family offices.

Let us know if you'd be interested in working with us. Send us your name, email and a brief message about your business and we will add you to our wait list.

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