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Developing digital solutions to financial problems


Increasingly, software enables companies to embed 3rd party services into their business. Now, this applies to banking. The Medici systems can be leveraged via API to add banking functions to your business processes.


Unlike most bank systems which are housed in bank data centers, all Medici systems are architected for the cloud, built in the cloud, and deployed in the cloud. We are standardized around AWS to ensure security, reliability, throughput, and efficiency worldwide. The only legacy we have at Medici is our family name


We don't want you to visit a branch or, eventually, even visit our web site. Our goal is to embed banking services into your back-office systems. We've got a real-time banking system and a modern API so that you integrate banking into your accounting, ERP, and treasury management systems


Medici Bank is a developer-oriented platform service. Our REST JSON APIs are fully consumable and allow you to:

Get Balance Information

Add Recipients

Make Payments

Pull Transaction History

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