Banking at the Speed of Digital.

Medici Bank streamlines processes, eliminates middlemen, and removes restrictions to make banking fast, secure, and invisible, the way it should be.

A Fintech
that is a Bank.

Fintech Bank

The Medici platform is built for speed, flexibility and security. Cloud-based, the system is sub-second responsive everywhere. Micro-services architected, the system is both resilient and right-sized for unique customer applications. Serverless, it auto-scales without need for configuration, let alone intervention.

Wrapped in APIs, it is accessible and embeddable by and into 3rd party systems. Abstract, the system can define, associate and configure objects (users, customers, associates, internal accounts, external accounts, products, 3rd parties, etc) at an atomic level. Last, with updates continuously integrated, releases are happening all the time, ensuring the most modern banking and payments tech stack in the market.

And, with a full deposit taking bank license, you know we are overseen by a government regulator, ensuring compliance with know-your-customer, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing laws as well as risk-weighted capital adequacy requirements. Further, as a fully licensed bank, we can take, hold and invest deposits, so our system does not have to sit over the top of some other bank and its legacy systems like so many white-label fintechs do.

What Makes Us Different?

"Like payments with Uber, we embed the bank behind the clients' preferred tools and processes. We remove steps, we remove friction, we reduce 'time-to-done'.

Eventually, the bank becomes invisible—because it is deeply embedded and integrated with the way the customer does business."

Ed Boyle - Founder

"People want to do business but nobody, other than bankers, wants to do banking. We're not here forcing customers to use our site, app or branches.

Instead, we're here to minimize interactions with the bank. Ultimately, we want to be the bank that everyone forgets they are actually using."

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici - Founder


The world is increasingly flatter and more digital. More companies than ever before are open to doing yet more international business, more digitally. Now there bank is as well.


Architected from the cloud-down, the Medici platform is more open, fast and cost effective than legacy banks. The only legacy we have at Medici is our family name.


Instead of branches and loan officers trying to sell you something you don't need, we've got a real-time core banking system and a modern API built so that you can hide necessary banking and payments actions behind your accounting, expense, treasury and resource management systems.



Medici Bank is a tech-forward, developer-oriented bank that embeds fintech processes for a truly digital age. Our REST JSON APIs are fully consumable and allow you to:

Get Balance Information

Instantly Move Funds Between Accounts

Instantly Transfer Funds to other Bank Customers

Initiate External Payments and Wires

Pull Transaction History

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