Digital Banking for

an Online World.

Branches, cash, and sit-down meeting with bankers are history. Medici Bank is a licensed and supervised United States based bank serving international businesses and family offices that would rather be empowered than sold
Banking that goes beyond

what you're used to.

A Fintech Bank
A Fintech and a Bank,

in One.

Our Bank Operating Software System (the BOSS) is built for speed, flexibility and security. Cloud-native, micro-services architected, and autoscaling, the serverless system is both responsive and resilient.

Wrapped in APIs, banking transactions can be embedded into client systems. And, with continuously integrated updates, releases are happening all the time, ensuring the most modern banking and payments tech stack in the market.

Importantly, with a full banking license, you know we are audited, examined,and overseen by a bank regulator, adding security of government oversight. And, unlike non-bank FinTechs, because we are licensed to hold deposits and lend, our system does not sit on top of some other bank's legacy systems.

What Makes Us Different?

"Like Uber, we embed payments behind the clients' preferred tools and processes. We remove steps, we remove friction, we reduce 'time-to-done'.

Eventually, banking becomes invisible— because it's embedded and integrated with the way the customer does business

Ed Boyle
de' Medici

People want to do business but nobody wants to do banking. We're not here forcing customers to use our site, app or branches.

Instead, we're here to minimize interactions with the bank. Ultimately, we want to be the bank that runs like auto-pilot and, if eventually, everyone forgets our name, then we have accomplished our goal

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