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In these uncertain times, the safest port in the storm is the US dollar in a US bank. Better yet, one that pays interest. While we see banks charging euro deposits 0.50% and Swiss banks charging 0.75% for Swiss franc deposits, Medici Bank offers high yields on US dollar Time Deposits.

Time Deposits
We offer world-leading interest rates for
time deposits held in US dollars at a US bank

Interest Rates up to 2.75%

Interest compounding daily

Amounts ranging from $25,000 to $10 million

Durations ranging from 6 months to 3 years

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For businesses looking to receive funds from clients and to pay suppliers both domestically and abroad, Medici offers a Demand Deposit Account (DDA). With the DDA you can:

Send and receive wires in USD, via Web portal or API

Receive wires in USD sent from foreign currency accounts, via Web or API

Send and receive USD funds via ACH, via Web or API

Process internal (user-to-user) transfers in real-time 24x7, via Web and API

And, soon, add foreign currencies and, eventually, pay with your Medici Bank debit card

Open a Business DDA


Anyone can invest in the public securities markets yet, when the markets are in turmoil, often the best returns are found in private market alternative investments. Soon, Medici Bank will offer the opportunity to invest into exclusive, alternative options typically only available to institutional and large family office investors.

Investments on a portfolio basis and deal-by-deal basis

Co-invest alongside Medici Bank on select bank-book investments

Invest directly into the equity and/or debt of Medici Bank itself

Gain exposure to over 60 institutional hedge funds managing over 1/3rd of the $3.1 trillion in assets held by hedge funds

Get exposure to over 10 private equity funds managing over $600 billion in assets including venture, growth, distressed private securities, M&A, private natural resources, and more

Invest into various private credit funds, across a diversified portfolio or selecting into specialized sector portfolios, with annualized returns consistently ranging 6% - 8%


You can get a mortgage at most any bank but what about leveraging your more speculative assets? Soon, Medici will offer alternative, specialized lending against high quality liquid collateral:

Receivables factoring

Securities backed loans

Precious metals backed loans

Private credit funds backed loans

Cryptocurrency backed loans