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Medici is the open banking platform powering commerce on an international, digital scale.
NOT your typical financial entity


Our technology is real-time and cloud-based. Your business doesn't stand still, we help your money move at the speed of commerce.


The world is more international and digital than ever before. Medici allows you to hold US dollar and, soon, send, convert, and receive in over 30 currencies.


Medici's API-first approach is designed to integrate with your accounting systems to process payments and transfers automatically.

Find your perfect
banking solution
We offer both business banking solutions and high-value personal solutions
Direct Deposit Account
Designed for businesses looking to receive funds from clients and pay suppliers both domestically and abroad. Medici's US dollar Demand Deposit Account (DDA) is available to businesses all over.
Savings Account
Designed for your business' excess working cash that you hope to save and grow over time but need to have liquid. Medici's US dollar Savings Account (SAV) is available to businesses in over 180 countries.
CD Account
Park your excess cash wealth in a business Certificate of Deposit (COD) ranging from 3 months to 1 year and earn up to 4% in interest. Minimum deposit of $50,000. Maximum up to $1M.
NOW Account
Save and use your money with a Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (NOW) Account. This account is a hybrid between a savings account and a demand deposit account.
CD Account
Hold your wealth in US dollars in a Certificate of Deposit (COD) ranging from 6 months to 3 years and earn up to 5% in interest. Minimum deposit of $10,000. Maximum up to $1M.

More accounts coming soon.

Focus on what matters with intelligent banking
Multi-user, multi-approver online banking, 24/7/365 instant transfers between clients of the bank, and a modern API for plugging bank payments into your A/P system.
Get and grow dollars at a financial entity in the USA
Medici's high-yield jumbo time deposit accounts have jumbo interest rates, and are available in over 100 countries. Put your money in a licensed US-based financial entity for a committed period of time and let it grow while you sleep. Contact us to learn about our current rates.
Get and grow dollars at a financial entity in the USA

"We embed banking and payments into clients' tools and processes. We remove steps, friction, and time-to-done."

- Edward Boyle, CEO

“The latest U.S. challenger bank has a unique origin”

“Medici Bank is bolstering cross-border business”

“A forward-thinking team of technology and financial experts”


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