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Fund & redeem with USDC* or over 65 fiat currencies
Account always held in USD fiat
No de-peg risk
* To/from same wallet
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Borrow and Pay back fiat or USDC*
Wide range of rates & LTV
Interest-only monthly payments (principal due at term)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Multi-user, multi-approver online banking, 24/7/365 instant transfers between clients of the bank, and a modern API for plugging bank payments into your A/P system.

You can send USDC, USD, EUR, GBP, or any major currency, and all of which will be converted into US dollar.

  • Liquid: Earn yield and withdraw at any time (pay fiat to most anyone anywhere in all major currencies or withdraw back to same funding source).
  • Locked staking: Earn higher yield by committing your assets for a fixed time period.

That’s up to you! Select liquid to be able to use, or get back, your funds at any time or select locking to choose the length of time to lock in higher yields.

We are a licensed and regulated bank with bank-grade systems security, policies and procedures to protect your deposit. Bank deposits are always the most “senior” type of obligation at a bank—depositors get paid before creditors and shareholders.

When you deposit into our pool, we loan the pool funds to others that are borrowing fiat against their (over-collateralized) BTC and ETH that is held in custody to ensure non-performing loans can be liquidated to pay back depositors.

Like any investment, there are inherent risks. If the bank is unable to source borrowers from your loan, the bank may not be able to sustain paying the yield and if the price of BTC and/or ETH were to crash (e.g. beyond 50% in a day), the bank may not be able to recover 100% of the borrowed funds.

Yes, minimum and maximum amounts apply and may vary depending on which type of yield product you select.

For the near future, loans can be collateralized with bitcoin (BTC) and ethe (ETH).

This ratio determines the maximum loan amount based on your collateral value. It varies depending on the asset and market conditions. It is computed by dividing the loan amount (in US dollar terms) by the collateral value (in US dollar terms). For example, a $10,000 loan secured by bitcoin in an amount worth $20,000 would be a 50% LTV. Our loans are established at a 50% LTV at most.

Interest rates are variable and depend on the chosen LTV, loan term, and market conditions. Current rates are available on our website.

Borrowing involves financial risk. You are responsible for repaying the loan with interest, even if the value of your collateral falls. If you fall behind on loan payments or are unable to maintain the loan at or below a prescribed LTV ratio, the bank may liquidate some or all your collateral.

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"We embed banking and payments into clients' tools and processes. We remove steps, friction, and time-to-done."

- Edward Boyle, CEO

“The latest U.S. challenger bank has a unique origin”

“Medici Bank is bolstering cross-border business”

“A forward-thinking team of technology and financial experts”

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Supported Currencies
We accept all major currencies plus USDC for paying into, and withdrawing from, your account.
If you send USDC, we will have it converted into US dollar fiat to avoid depeg risk.